Kramer’s Revenge

The Seinfeld reunion kicked into high gear on tonight’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and Michael Richards addressed the controversy from several years back, when he lost his mind while dealing with a heckler and casually tossed out the “N” word, in humorous fashion. Larry David had said they would deal with it in some way, and when, during a rehearsal for the (fictional) Seinfeld reunion episode, Kramer shows up at Jerry’s door with a black prostitute, you kinda saw it coming. But, it turned out, she was a bit of a head fake. The real deal came later, when Leon, hilariously played by former SNL writer JB Smoove, was asked by Larry to play a friend who might have the same disease as Michael. (Larry had told him about this friend, citing how well he had been doing, without knowing that the man had died). But Michael Richards had been expecting a man named Duberstein – and JB Smoove does not look like a Duberstein.

So when Leon shows up at Michael Richards door, Richards screams out, ““Look, I made a mistake. It’s been three years. Don’t hurt me!” Then later, when he finds out that Leon is a fake, he berates him in front of a large line of tourists, screaming, “If only there was some name I could call you that would hurt you like you hurt me!” And of course, as soon as he does this, everyone around whips out their phone and starts recording. Brilliant.