Steven Seagal on Phony Celebrities

Steven Seagal has a new show on A&E called “Steven Seagal: Lawman,” which documents his activities as a sheriff in Jefferson Parish, LA. In a story for today’s New York Post, Seagal told me about the time he has spent over the past 20 years quietly helping fight crime in Jefferson Parish, avoiding the cameras while simply doing one of the many non-acting activites he enjoys.

Steven Seagal playing at The Ferry in Glasgow. Photo by thisgig.

Steven Seagal playing at The Ferry in Glasgow. Photo by thisgig.

After we talked about his efforts to rescue people during Katrina – efforts not, by his own desire, really covered in the press – he talked about celebs (not by name, unfortunately) who did find their way there to help, seemingly with make-up people and publicists in tow.

I don’t wanna talk about other celebrities, but there have been some other people who came down there and pretended to do something for New Orleans in a time of trouble, and after they made a phony appearance for five minutes, the next night they’re on Larry King talking about what they did. It shouldn’t be like that. You shouldn’t be talking about what you did to anybody. You gotta be out there doing it every day.

Any guesses as to who he’s talking about? Leave ‘em below.

Katrina school bus

A school bus decimated by Katrina. Which celebs thought, “how can I use this to get on Larry King?” Photo by laffy4K.

In the meantime, enjoy this sketch from SNL about celebrities “helping” in the aftermath of Katrina.