VIDEO of the Belarusian “Big Bang Theory!”

Ah, the power of the Internet. Thanks to one of my awesome commenters (thanks, takineko), we have the video of the version of “The Big Bang Theory” from Belarus! Check it out below, and let’s see if we can figure out why they decided to replace Howard with Howard’s creepy uncle. (And when you’re done, follow me on Twitter.)

16 thoughts on “VIDEO of the Belarusian “Big Bang Theory!”

  1. This is sooo shiny, I think I’d go blind from watching this show.
    It’s like they picked all the glow in the dark colors and than turned up the saturation a notch. A show to watch with sunglasses.

    I have no idea what they are saying, but the way they are saying it already sounds wrong IMHO. The original actors do so much with their voices and this just sounds like a boring news reader on PBS.

    Also Howard replacement, really, really creepy. He looks like a hitman trying to blend in. His smile in the second video… seriously that would not be out of place in a horror movie.

    No comment on the cheap Sheldon. There is only one Sheldon! The awesome Sheldon!

  2. Woaaah. Thanks for this.
    I was really curious after reading one of chuck’s vanity cards.
    What a rip off. The Belarus govt should be ashamed of themselves. If you’re gonna imitate or rip off something, do it well (like the folks in China do designer bags!)
    But i must say, they’ve got Leo’s wardrobe down to a T! haha.


  3. I’m from Russia and I must say that there is nothing equal to the big bang theory. TBBT is a masterpiece! very professional, very funny, extremely interesting!! I feel sorry for Belarus cause it’s not fair, it’s a kind of stupid joke but not the good product.

  4. It is amazing how the look and feel of those videos so closely resemble the Latin American TV Novellas they play on Univision & Telemundo.  The basic sets with little to no dressing, basic primary colors. Did you notice what looks like a basket of potatos on the bar?!?  It is almost like the sets are built by a high school acting troupe.  On American TV shows, if the characters are out drinking at a bar, it looks like a bar.  On these shows, the bar looks like it was bought in a patio furniture store and setup in somebody’s finished basement with some folding chairs borrowed from the church social hall down the street.

  5. You’re welcome, looks like this short article and video are getting alot of popularity on Twitter. I’m glad!

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