Larry Getlen is a veteran journalist, editor, and author. A frequent contributor to the New York Post, he has also written for Esquire, New York Magazine, Adweek, Radar (the print version), The Awl, The Daily Beast, Nerve, MovieMaker, and many other publications and web sites. Check out clips here.

A former stand-up comic and comedy writer and actor, Larry was the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the short-lived but much-loved comedy publication and website Mirth Magazine. He has also appeared on Chappelle’s Show and Saturday Night Live; ghostwritten jokes for CEOs and top executives at major media companies, and wrote for the Guitar World roast of Dee Snider; appeared as a pop culture/comedy & music expert on the Biography Channel and on numerous documentaries; and has written five books. His one film directing effort, a comedic short called “Going For The Old,” screened at the Tromadance Film Festival in Park City, UT. Larry lives in Brooklyn.

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  1. Your Billy Joel article fascinated me. Is there a Billy Joel tour bus that chronicles his stomping grounds? If so, please share. If not, I have an idea. Please respond at your earliest convenience!

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  3. Hi,

    I was impressed with your article on the real ‘Amityville Horror’ victim Daniel Lutz. I thought you would be appropriate to give an exclusive copy of the new script for the DIMENSION/TWC AMITYVILLE movie.

    It was uploaded to scribd at:

    The script is an affront to the murdered DeFeos, the Lutz family, the entire community of Amityville and spinal cord injury/coma victims. ( Hard to imagine them offending more peoiple in one movie if they tried!)

    This fake found footage movie of theirs totally trivializes the murders of the DeFeo family and the Lutzs.

    Besides being possibly one of the worst movie scripts ever — it it totally unture.

    The Weinsteins are trying to capitalize on the AMITYVILLE events by making up some awful fake story to just grab for some unsuspecting moviegoers money.

    I guess they really think the public is that gullible and stupid.

    But the worst thing is their callousness and insensitivity to the town of AMITYVILLE, the murdered DeFeo’s, Daniel Lutz and his family that are still alive.

    This is contemptible and sets a new low even for Harvey& Bob Weinstein as well as Dimension Films. They should all be ashamed. This movie was ill conceived and should never be foisted upon the public.

    Hoping you expose this, share the script itself with the public and expose exactly what the Weinsteins are doing.

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