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Specializing in entertainment (extensively: comedy, TV, music, and film), also writes about books, history, science and more. Master interviewer, relentless about drawing tales and information out of subjects.


* Conversations with Carlin: An In-Depth Discussion with George Carlin about Life, Sex, Death, Drugs, Comedy, Words, and so much moreEbook, released Nov. 2013 – One of the most comprehensive interviews ever done with comedy legend Carlin – Reached #2 on Amazon’s Kindle Comedy chart.
* “Mick Jagger on James Brown: ‘I Copied All His Moves’” – TIME Magazine, July 24, 2014 – Interview with Mick Jagger on his history with funk/soul legend James Brown.
* Robin Williams: In – Led celebrity coverage of Robin Williams’ death.
* “Neighbors’ Made Zac Efron Want To Do More Comedy” – TIME Magazine, May 8, 2014 – Interview with Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, and director Nicholas Stoller about their comedy hit.
* “Ahead of the ‘Pack’: How The Shangri-Las Created Punk” – New York Post, May 17, 2014
* “Godzilla is Back and Better Than Ever” – New York Post, May 10, 2014 – Feature on the development of the creature for the new Godzilla film, and the creature’s history.
* “Bad Rehab: Rebranding Charlie Sheen” – Adweek (cover story), May 28, 2012 – Detailed look at Sheen’s Anger Management comeback and the PR machine behind it.
* “Vulture Watches Old Sitcoms With Bridesmaids’ Rose Byrne” – New York Magazine, May 13, 2011
* “Are Women Funny? Yes. Now Can We Please Move On?” – Mirth Magazine, January 2012 – My essay responding to sexist comments by David Letterman’s comedy booker led to the booker’s dismissal.
* “Take The Funny and Run (two parts)Radar Magazine, Jan/Feb 2007 – The first-ever in-depth look at the phenomenon of joke stealing in comedy, now a commonly covered topic in entertainment media.
* “What I’ve Learned: Al Green” – Esquire Magazine, October 2001
* “Stripper’s Delight: Kathryn Hahn, Hollywood’s Most Popular Co-Star, Notches Her First Lead” – New York Observer, August 20, 2013 – A profile of the prolific, in-demand actress.
* “The Midlife Vices of Greg Giraldo” – Splitsider, February 2, 2011 – Feature story on the sad final days of the popular comedian, which saw his drug addiction spiral, leading to his death.
* “‘Transcendence’ Provokes Talks for Brain-Mapping Innovation” – New York Post, April 13, 2014 – Story on the real science behind Johnny Depp’s singularity film.
* “How Billy Joel became The Piano Man” – New York Post, January 26, 2014 – Oral history of Joel’s struggling early years in and around NYC.
* “Meet The Worst Filmmakers in Hollywood” – New York Post, January 24, 2014 – Essay takedown of horrible parody filmmakers Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg (“Epic Movie,” “Disaster Movie,” etc.).
* “How Tom Hanks Got ‘Big’” – New York Post, December 7, 2013 – Feature on the making of “Big.”

MIRTH MAGAZINE/MIRTHMAG.COM – Founding Editor/Editor-in-Chief – Dec. 2010 – Nov. 2012

Founding editor of print and web humor magazine that featured a blend of in-depth articles about famous comedians, and original comedy content.

MEDIA APPEARANCES – Has appeared several times on The Biography Channel, talking about various stars’ lives and careers, as well as on numerous documentaries, podcasts, and radio shows.