Conversations with Carlin

“There were times when I still did what some people do who don’t believe well. I would pray for something I wanted, and I would pray if I was scared, because it was a reflex. It was something I had learned, and it made me feel better. I think what that is when we do that is, we’re praying to ourselves – to our better selves. Some call it a higher self. I think the universe is all of us, and when we externalize this thing and call it God, it’s really a way of projecting ourselves onto another identity – onto our better, higher selves that pretty much know everything they need to know, and everything that’s good. So I think praying is all about finding that part of yourself.” – George Carlin, from “Conversations with Carlin,” by Larry Getlen.

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  2. Dear Mr. Getlen,
    I thoroughly enjoyed two of your articles in the Post, Secrets of a Don Juan (3/3) and A Horn Dog for All Seasons (11/2). I work with the author Lorenzo Baccala who has just published a book entitled “The Man Who Made Love to More Women than Casanova” and I would love to send you a copy of the book or e-book for your review or just reading pleasure. I shared your two articles with Dr. Baccala and he wrote two entertaining posts in response on our blog roll at and included links back to your articles. “What Makes a Ladies Man” is in response to “Secrets of a Don Juan”, your Swoon book review. I just ordered a copy of that book. “Sex and Women – Jack Nicholson vs. G” is the post about your Horndog article about Jack Nicholson’s bio. You can read background info about Dr. Baccala on the WordPress, but basically he is an Italian American physician, author and social philosopher. Over the years he has witnessed our changing cultural and religious values including the impact of the sexual revolution on individual, family and national values. Regarding sex, his favorite quote is “Sex is like fire. It can warm up your home or burn it down.” He believes little reliable information is written about the art and science of making love and for this reason persuaded his old friend “G” to be interviewed about his sexual encounters around the world with about 300 women. Because of the controversial topic, “G” chose to remain anonymous. He continues to communicate on the Blog roll where there are many articles about current sexual topics from the news and elsewhere. Because of the nature of your writing, we thought you would enjoy visiting the blog site to read the response and link to your articles. If you are interested, I will send you a copy of the book and an e-mail version as well. I look forward to hearing from you. Also, we are just now relaunching the book with brief reviews on the back cover and are in the final stages. It would be wonderful to give you room to make a comment if you would like. We are looking forward to reading more of your columns in the Post and elsewhere. Best Regards, Patricia Park

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